News & Events

 2007-12-17   E-document Management System Solutions Seminar

 2007-12-05   Java User Day Macau 2007
 2007-09-28   Wisetop Human Resources Solutions Seminar
 2007-09-18   JBoss Development Platform and Red Hat Virtualization Seminar and Workshop
 2007-07-27   System Virtualization Infrastructure Seminar
 2007-06-08   Datacenter Operation, Efficiency and Managed Operation Services
 2007-04-27   Java 6 and Data Encryption Technology Seminar
 2007-03-28   Service Oriented Architecture Applications Seminar and Adoption Workshop

 2007-03-09   Intelligent Visual Surveillance System Luncheon
 2006-08-18   An Introduction to Proven Government Solutions
 2006-08-05   China Adolescents Science & Technology Invention Contest