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     POPS's Games Management System (GMS) helps sport game organizer effectively perform sport games management.

  • GMS is a web-based event management system.
  • A module-based system can easy customize and extend.
  • Managing events such as large-scale Sport Games, Exhibition, Activity, etc.


System Modules

  1. System and Setup: Define user roles and user accounts to control the accessibility of the system. Customize system basic information, such as responsible organizations, locations, representing units, access privilege, etc.                                                                                   
  2. Entry by Number/Entry by Name: Handle entry by number/entry by name progress before the Games. Entry form reports can be printed from the modules.                                                                                  
  3. Accreditation/E-Accreditation: Handle input operations for each accreditation application. Online athlete registration is provided. Several statistic reports are provided for the management purpose.                                                      
  4. Card Production: Manage and create Accreditation (AD) Card and Day Pass Card. The AD Card represents the applicant in the activity/event. The Day Pass Card also represents the applicant but only valid on a particular day.
  5. Arrival & Departure: Manage the arrival and departure information of participants from other countries. The information includes arrival/departure date, time, port, flight number and baggage information.
  6. Accommodation: Provide hotel and room management to record the reservation, cancel reservation and check in/out for the applicants. Reports are provided for calculating the room numbers and accommodation fee of participants and hotels.
  7. Protocol VIP: Create the profile for the guests to manage the specific items such as dietary preference, entitlement, activity, accommodation, etc.
GMS is the core system of the Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games 
  • More than 25,000 applicants registered and verified
  • Average 2,000 Cards printed per day
  • Provide on-line registration for athletes, including entry by number, Accreditation and  entry by name
  • Handle the participant accommodation records from 18 hotels 
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