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POPS is a partner of Manetic iCentre, which facilitates POPS development and support services.

Manetic iCentre is a multi-function solution support platform that directly provides support facilities and services to its users to enhance solution marketing / development / integration / support and demonstration. 

Functions of iCentre 

  • Solution Repository: A solution repository containing wide range of software / hardware industry proven solutions that have been carefully tested and locally supported by iCentre partners, which in turn acts as a solution locator for solution finders.

  • Business Bridge: Provide support to solution vendors to enhance their marketing activities and support services for the local market, and it’s especially valuable for non-local vendors who want to address the local market of Macau.
  • Testing Lab: A development / integration testing lab that facilitates different software / hardware solution vendors to ensure compatibility before deployment to client production sites.
  • Open Source: A commercial open source solution supporting platform that not only encourages and promotes quality open source solution applications to the local community, but also provide commercial level deployment and support service.
  • Collaboration Channel: Provide a direct collaboration channel between software vendors and hardware vendors to obtain competitive total solution cost for customers. 




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